Luke Barnett and Vincent Masciale

Lone Suspect symbolizes a willingness to take a risk on something we believe in, even if that means facing a thousand "NO's." While we love the partnerships we've built with bigger companies, sometimes you just can't wait around for a green light.

Simply put, we believe in making shit happen.

We'll take a leap of faith on stories the conventional Hollywood system might not be able to, because we're convinced the riskier, character-driven projects are always the most interesting. Lone Suspect develops, packages, and produces film, television, and digital projects that look at the world from an often unexpected point of view. Projects that think outside the box. We want to make projects that, in the words of the late American satirist Finley Peter Dunne, "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable".


Captain Karls
Fear Inc
Funny or Die
  • "Mischa Barton Joins ‘Painkillers’"
  • "Adam Huss, Madeline Zima & Grant Bowler To Topline Indie Drama ‘Painkillers’"
  • "One of the studio's first projects is a workplace horror-comedy series starring Daniel Stern and 'Party Girl' star Lisa Schwartz."
    Hollywood Reporter
  • "Fear, Inc makes We Are Indie Horror's Top 10 of 2016"
    We Are Indie Horror
  • "Fear, Inc makes another "Best of 2016 Horror" List!"
    True Horror
  • "Director Vincent Masciale gleefully toys with our perceptions and expectations, with a maniacal drive."
    Horror Buzz
  • "The directing, the writing, the acting, and most importantly the story, all combines to make a movie that is a pure joy to watch."
    Modern Horrors
  • "Writer Luke Barnett, who succeeds where so many other horror comedy’s fail, making the humor in a horror film feel a part of the film and not shoehorned into it."
    True Horror
  • "10 Things We Learned from 10 Years of Hustling for Our Feature Debut"
    No Film School
  • "‘Fear, Inc’ Writing, Directing Duo Sign With APA"
    The Wrap
  • "Abigail Breslin Boards Indie Horror-Comedy ‘Fear Inc.’"
  • "‘Lost’ Alum Eric Lange, Emmy Winner Leslie Jordan Join Horror Comedy ‘Fear, Inc.’"
    The Wrap
  • "Funny or Die Recaps ‘The Walking Dead’ Mid-Season Finale ‘Coda,’ With Help From ‘The Walking Fred’"
  • "Funny or Die has 'Game of Thrones' on the brain for Halloween"
    Entertainment Weekly
  • "Funny Or Die’s ‘Newsroom’ Spoof Nails Everything That’s Wrong With Aaron Sorkin’s Show"
    Huffington Post

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